Helix and Felix Healing Crystal Jewellery

One of the reasons Helix and Felix was born was our obsession with crystals and the chakra system. With a distinctive curiosity for a calmer more balanced life. Yoga, meditation, healing crystals and their unique meanings were just some of the things we instantly felt drawn too and they are definitely something that work in conjunction with one another.

Being able to produce jewellery with such energy and unique meaning is something Helix and Felix is built upon. When we discovered the beauty of these natural, earthy sediments, we instantly fell in love and had to work with them.

We already have a great range of different crystals from Rose Quartz to Turquoise and Purple Amethyst and in our next collection, we are planning to do even more! :) We hope you love the quality of our crystals as much as we do!

With love, H&F x