New Galaxy Collection..

We have a brand new Galaxy Collection being launched real soon with cute space inspired jewellery pieces such as these mini blue Saturn stud earrings. 

The first platform to launch this new collection will be @iamfy! There will be an update on our Facebook and Twitter pages as soon as it goes live! 🚀🚀🚀

H&F x


It's Fridayyyy!!

It's Friday and what better way to treat yourself than a little bit of online shopping. 

These pink flamingo watches by Helix and Felix are only available on our Silkfred store!

Check them out as well as a few other exclusive items that are now only sold through Silkfred!


White Flamingo Watch only on Silkfred. 

Dreaming of Summer Time Adventures.. 

Dreaming of Summer Time Adventures.. 

Happy Friday! 

Happy Friday!