The little story of Helix & Felix..


One dark night, the beautiful Felix was lay restfully on a tropical beach far far away, enjoying the soft warm sand gently falling between her neon painted toes. Her mind was calm and serene as she lay there deep in thought of the simple but extrodinary wonders of life, love and adventure.

As she listened carefully to the therapeutic sounds of the ocean waves crashing in and out to the shore. She slowly began to open her big green eyes and look deeply into the glistening Helix Nebula Galaxy that was directly above her. 

As she observed the miraculous shape of the nebula and its all seeing eye. It was in this exact moment that everything she had just been thinking of became so significant and momentous to her life. The unique spiritual experience that she had been longing for, for so long. Was right there in the essence of the stars around her and in the love that she felt deep in her heart.

She suddenly noticed that these two things were effortlessly bound together in synchronised harmony and it was the meeting of these two universal elements that instantly brought her a gentle inner peace with a surprising inspiration. From that moment on; she knew the true meaning of herself, her life and her birth name. Yes, Felix through the beauty of the Helix Nebula had finally found her true self and become ‘The Lucky One’.

Helix and Felix was born...

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